AP vs. Internet

28 07 2009

Something else I missed while on vacation: The Associated Press is taking a new hard line against unlicensed use of its stories on search engines and Web sites.

Reaction was swift from bloggers, of course. Then the AP granted an interview to CJR business writer Ryan Chittam, who concludes that bloggers are overreacting and that individual bloggers have nothing to worry about.

Danny Sullivan at Daggle, however, points out many unanswered questions, and the AP is not going to answer them for now.

I think the AP is trying to stand on principle while tacitly acknowledging reality. I agree that the Google news page and other giants should pay for news content. I also agree that neither the AP nor other content providers are going to waste legal fees chasing down the millions of individual bloggers who link to their work. I’m not worried for now.  

I would, however, like to see Google, along with major bloggers, work on a solution rather than always opposing AP. Somebody has got to pay for news gathering else we lose it.