LAT disguises front-page ad as story

10 04 2009

Talk about the convergence of journalism, entertainment and marketing! The Los Angeles Times goes for a three-fer — on its front page. Desperate times.

Here we go

8 04 2009

I’ve started this blog to collect thoughts on the place of the journalist or publicist in the continually changing world of communications.

Many years have passed since I first observed that the lines between bona fide journalism and opinion, entertainment, and public relations were rapidly dissolving, as were distinctions among print, broadcast, on online media.

Only recently, however, have I come to realize that we’ve passed the so-called tipping point. We way we have done business no longer works.

Many people much smarter than I are commenting on this  every day, but I continue to feel no one has correctly pointed the way, if that is even possible.

The questions, and the stakes, are enormous:

  • What is journalism today, and how can we identify it?
  • How do we brand credibility?
  • Can democracy survive without an identifiable Fourth Estate?
  • How is capitalism related to journalism?
  • How do we pay for journalism?
  • Does advertising still work? For how long?
  • Must multiplicity of media result in selective ignorance?

Whew. I don’t have the answers. I don’t intend to simply convey my own musings here. But I will pass along thoughts and developments related to these  issues as I stumble across them.