Challenges? Check. Causes? Check. Solutions?

9 04 2009

Alan Portner with, a former newspaper publisher and editor, regularly writes about the news media dilemma. Here are good briefs on the current challenges and how we got here.

He lists a few theories in answer to his question, “Who  is going to pay the news gatherers?”

Among ideas put forward:
o A BBC model which taxes citizens for the gathering of news.
o A PBS model with semi-annual voluntary fund drives.
o Newspapers should become non-profits…deliberately.
o Government should support the gathering of news.
o A new 501C3 type hybrid called a L3C (backed by the Newspaper Guild) will earn low profits and still accept donations.
o Some current owners picture individualized news products for every reader. 

 But he concludes:

The future is limited only by our ability to imagine it.  But for now… the future is still a little cloudy.