Report: Advertisers to spend more on digital media than print

8 03 2010 reports landmark findings from the annual Outsell advertising and marketing study today:

Of the $368 billion marketers plan to spend this year, 32.5% will go toward digital; 30.3% to print. Digital spending includes e-mail, video advertising, display ads and search marketing. “It’s a watershed moment,” says the study’s lead author, Outsell vice president Chuck Richard.

Conceive and publish a magazine in 24 hours

25 09 2009

Both the content and the publishing accomplishment of the magazine Strange Light are awesome.

Strange Light PreviewI had heard about the Australian dust storm on NPR, which almost did it justice through audio alone, but these photos are incredible.

More incredible is this account of how Publisher Derek Powazek got the 40-page magazine out just 24 hours after the event itself. As Rex Hammock points out, discussion of the future of magazines usually revolves around the mundane issues of business model and revenue, rarely addressing radical innovation in format. This is an eye-opening example of the potent future of the magazine medium.